American Furniture

Home Americana’s eclectic collection of furniture fits every style and function.


All our American furniture, and imported furniture, is brought to you by American designers and manufacturers. From coffee tables to kitchen carts, Home Americana has sourced the best American companies we could find to supply you with beautiful and affordable furniture no matter what your style. Are you looking for a distressed, antique style dresser, or a rustic dining table? We have so many styles to choose from, you will find it hard to pick just one.


Furniture for your home should be functional AND fit your space and lifestyle. Home Americana believes that you shouldn’t have to compromise for functionality over beauty, or visa versa. You should get both from the same piece of furniture. We like to find stylish furniture that is dual purpose. Check out our bookcases that turn into coffee tables or double as a bench. That accent chair looks stunning in that herringbone upholstry, but it shouldn’t make your bum sore when you sit in it to watch the entire Star Wars trilogy. Home Americana doesn’t view furniture as simply an item of decor, but a piece of Americana that is a part of your life.


Home Americana likes to focus on natural materials, such as wood and metal like pine, alder, maple, oak, iron, and aluminum. Wherever we can, we also source sustainable and chemical free materials because we know the health of your family is your top priority. We want your American furniture to last more than a lifetime, be made of quality materials, and not cost you an arm and a leg.