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Home Americana is excited to celebrate our Grand Opening today!


After a long process of choosing manufacturers, reviewing products, loading products, and all the research and design work for the site, our home decorations and American furnishings store, Home Americana, is finally up and running as of June 3, 2018! We still have a lot to do, and LOTS of new products and manufacturers to add, but we are confident that, in the future, our small business will shine.


Thanks for coming to visit us! Let us tell you a little about us, what our mission is, and what our goals are. 


Home Americana strives to provide you with a diverse selection of products to completely decorate your home, patio, and garden all in one place. We specialize in Americana, or the objects in our life that remind us of American culture. It's not all stars and stripes (though we have some of that too). The themes of our decor reflect America as a whole. Home Americana features rustic styles, vintage distressed, country themes, farmhouse designs, traditional looks, classic features, and much more!


We want to offer a fun shopping experience while you decorate your home. Home Americana prides itself on strong customer service practices, and we look forward to establishing a long term relationship with you and to always be your source for American furniture and home decorations.


Here is a brief tour of our new home decor store! We have 6 main categories for you to shop:


  • American Furniture with domestic and imported furniture for every room from amazing American companies. Here, you will find tables for every room, sofas or dining chairs and other seating, storage and display furniture, and bedroom furniture. We will also be adding a section for American made children's furniture and furniture sets soon.
  • Home Decorations includes functional items and decorative accessories for the tabletop, the wall such as art, clocks and mirrors, lighting from candleholders to floor lamps, toss pillows, bedroom linens and throw blankets, all sizes of rugs, and fake plants. Many of our products are American made. We are working to improve the visibility of American produced items in our store, but for now, the individual product descriptions will tell you.
  • Kitchen Decorations is not just decorations, but also includes dinnerware, barware, coasters, storage, linens, and everything you need to organize, entertain, and stylishly decorate your kitchen and dining room space. We hope to add a lot more to this area in the future.
  • Outdoors is a category that's still a work in progress. There's not much there yet. There's some stylized, metal patio chairs, neat string lights to light up the patio, and clever wall decor that you should definantly go check out while you're here. We will make this area much more diverse in the near future. We plan to add complete outdoor furniture sets tiki torches, fountains, critter feeders, and more.
  • Our Pets and Seasonal sections are both works in progress. There's no products there now, but we plan to bring on American manufacturers who produce pet bowls, beds, crates, and toys. Our Seasonal section is waiting until we are closer to the holidays, and we will stock it with seasonally themed home decor, dinnerware, centerpieces, and entertaining and serveware. Stay tuned for more updates to these sections!


Now that we've introduced you to our store, we want to tell you more about our goals and mission.


Home Americana wants to be the premier retailer online for American owned companies and American made products in the home decor and home furnishings industries. Our mission is to support our fellow American in every way we can by offering you well made and afforadable home goods and by sourcing those goods from American companies. Everyone wins when we all work together to strengthen our economy right here in the USA. We are always looking for new manufacturers and designers, and we focus on those with a dedication to customer service and quality products at a good prices. If you have suggestions for American companies you think would be great on our store, please tell us about them in the comments.


Home Americana's goal is customer satisfaction. We want to provide an easy and stress free shopping experience and have many American made products in our store for you to choose from. We want you to not just feel good, but great, about your purchase, while knowing that it will last through the years, and that it came from an American company that you have helped support.


We want to provide as many sustainable, "green", and chemical free products that we can, so you know that it's better for you, your family, and the environment. We feel that having these options available is very important, and we feature these products where ever we can. It is important for Home Americana to have a small carbon footprint and we practice sustainable business activities. We use little to no paper in our operations, and run our entire operations on solar power.


Join us in creating the new future of shopping for home decor and furniture in America! Stay informed of our newest products, sales, and news by subscribing to our Newsletter. We are very excited, and we hope you are too!



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