Holiday Lighting and Candle Holders

Holiday Lighting and Candle Holders

At Home Americana, we look for the most unique and beautiful ways to light your space during the holidays. From candle holders and candle rings to beautiful lighted decor, we have you covered. Add lighting to the dining table, buffet table, and every room where your family and guests will enjoy the smell of candles or the subtle lighting of seasonal decor.

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*Burgundy Solar Lid w/Lights

Solar Jar Lid fits a standard-mouth jar and features three small strands of hanging lights on b..


*Burgundy Solar Mason Jar Lid

The burgundy Solar Mason Jar Lid fits a standard-mouth jar. ..


*Mini Star Taper Holder

You'll love our new Mini Star Taper Holder! This miniature version of a taper holder is made fr..


*Star Candle Holder

Made of sturdy black metal, Star Candle Holder features a small round hook for hanging and a ro..


*Star Candle Pan - 1pc

Star Candle Pan has a primitive rusty finish and measures 1¾" high by 6¾" wide. ..


*Star Tin Candle Pan - Cream - Small

This star tin candle pan has fluted edges so it can hold potpourri, rose hips or buttons around the ..


Believe, Family, Love Candle Block, 3 Asst.

Believe, Family, Love Candle Block is a whitewashed, wooden block with a metal candle pan affixed to..


Birch Wrapped Branch, 27"

Birch Wrapped Branch is a LED lighted branch with a faux-birch appearance and 15 warm white lights. ..


Black Metal Lantern

Black Metal Lantern has a black metal frame with glass side panels. Lantern includes a hinged door t..


Black Solar Lid w/Strand Lights

The Black Solar Lid is a simple way to create a unique glow inside your favorite jar! The black..


Brown Wrapped Branch, 27"

Brown Wrapped Branch is a LED lighted branch with 15 warm white lights. Branch has two lighting func..


Double Hanging Candle Holder

Black distressed metal hook with two strap arms holding taper cups. Add your own candles and decor f..


Fireglow Hurricane Lantern, 9.5"

Fireglow Hurricane Lantern is a battery-operated lantern with a lightweight metal frame an..


Globe Light Strand, 25ct

Globe Light Strand features 25 round bulbs on a 25-ft. long black cord. It has a safety fuse plug an..


LED Bottle Lamp, 8.75"

LED Bottle Lamp is made from a hanging glass jar that is wrapped in black chicken wir..


LED Drop Lights, 62ct, 11ft

LED Drop Lights include 62 warm white lights on an 11 foot long silver wire. Strand is suitable for ..


LED Glass Bottle Light

LED Glass Bottle Light in a unique lighting element made with a corked glass bottle. The b..


Library Timer Lantern

Library Lantern is made of distressed, smoky black tin with a strap metal handle and a glass chimney..


Mini Star Colander

Mini Star Colander can be hung virtually anywhere and is perfect as a battery operated tea light hol..


Pussy Willow Lighted Branch - Electric - 19-3/4"

Lighted branch stands 19-3/4" tall and comes with a 16 foot cord. There are 60 lights on the branch...


Rust & Black Star Candle Plate

This Rust & Black Candle Plate is 6" in diameter and features cut out primitive stars along the ..


Rusty Solar Lid w/Strand Lights

Solar Mason Jar Lid fits a standard-mouth jar and features 3 small strands of hanging lights on..


Standing Star Tealight Holder

The Standing Star Tealight holder is a great lighting piece with country and primitive appeal. Folk ..


Star Mini Lantern, 4-1/4"

Star Mini Lantern is made of black metal and has a star cutout on top. Measures 4¼" high by 3" wide...